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Established in 2010, TeamGMF is a multifaceted personalised school that understands the importance of team effort, family friendly community and hard work.

Our programs are designed to help each and every student and member to become more aware of their capabilities in achieving their own personal goals; whether it’s being a competitive bodybuilder, achieving a black belt in martial arts, transforming your body or just building your overall self confidence.

We will help you towards accomplishing your dreams by providing suitable classes and or personal training programs that are tailored for YOU!

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cherilyn leonghead coach

gmf 2.0…

teamgmf has a new home!

It was long awaited but we finally found our new home for GMF2.0 in Leumeah, NSW.

For GMF is was a big move that didn’t come easily, as it was the next step to where we want GMF to grow in the future. After 10 years at our original location in Prestons NSW, we knew we wanted to continue helping and giving back to the community and to keep GMF growing and there’s no better way to expand than to have our own big space to actually call home.

That’s what GMF2.0 means to us, to have TEAMGMF members walk into our home and feel welcomed and part of the TEAMGMF family.

Due to the recent lockdown in NSW, we took a hit, again. We have tried to view it as just one of many hurdles in life that we need to face and get through. We knew we weren’t alone, we had overwhelming support from our members and nothing has stopped GMF2.0 to be ready to roll out the red carpet for when our warriors and athletes come back.

GMF2.0 is churcha place of worship for health, fitness, wellness and longevity.

Our concept and design for GMF2.0 was to maintain as much of the brands authentic self by settling in to its industrial hard-core workshop building bodies and minds.

We have sourced new and old school equipment to have only the best for our GMF Warriors. These are the tools to create and shape the lifestyle of long-term commitments to improve your overall health and longevity.
Customed to this is the passion and warmth of our GMF community who step through our doors. They bring the energy into GMF2.0 and know they are working on their best self surrounded by like minded warriors.
It’s only time that we have and what we do with it. So GMF2.0 should be on your bucketlist when lockdown is lifted.


what they’re saying


from our clients

Through my P.T sessions with Cherilyn, I was able to bring myself to a point of health that I was able to conceive and provide a healthy home  (for our now 15 month old daughter) throughout pregnancy and shortly after returning this year to train once again with a greater appreciation of my body and rebuilding on strength and reaching goals towards a balanced life and longevity.
Thank you Cherilyn, for your support, guidance, and knowledge in helping me reach and kick goals in fitness and despite the challenges of lockdown for still creating the environment of motivation and cheering us on as we put in the work. I am grateful for you and the GMF family

Body Transformation client

Credit goes to the two Sensei’s for shaping and modelling the top rule of karate – which is discipline, regardless of the situation or circumstances. He has drilled this into my son since he was 4 years old when he joined the Tiny Tigers group 10 years ago. Today my son, a fourteen-year-old teenager,  stands tall and stern as a focused A+ student and a trainee karate instructor, all due to his training and mentoring by the great Sensei’s
He has undoubtedly benefited from Martial Arts discipline, self-control,  emotional regulation and being a focused teenager.
Umlesh Sharma

Kids Karate Mum

My time with Graden & Chez has been life changing. It has been such an empowering experience to train there. The energy at GMF has been inspiring from the get go. My sessions with Chez taught me the importance of not just training but connecting the mind with the body. You are a super, bad ass, powerful woman. Graden and Chez are true marvels of the industry.

Diana S

PT Client

Team GMF gave me the skills to achieve my goals!
I was looking for a coach who cared about their clients and also applied their methods to everyday lifestyle. Graden’s knowledge and passion for health and well-being is second to none. He is always taking the time to help me and answer my questions. He bleeds success and leads by example with everything he does in the gym and with nutrition, for a better lifestyle.
Thanks to Graden I’m in the best shape of my life. The things I’ve learned and continue to learn from Graden will help me for years to come to maintain my physique.
The culture at GMF is amazing, I always feel welcome by Graden and his amazing wife Cherilyn Leong who is also a knowledgeable trainer. Their two kids Max and Lexi are also mini superstars. Training at team GMF has been very enjoyable. The people in the GMF gym are friendly and down to earth.
Joe Galluzzo

TeamGMF Athlete

I remember the first time I walked into GMF and met Graden in November 2016
Over the past 5 years, Graden has not only been my personal trainer and coach, but he has become my mentor and friend.
Under his dedicated coaching, support and guidance I have not only become an Australian national Body Building Champion, but also the best version of myself. All while being able to speak freely and honestly and have a great laugh along the way.
He has taught me that with discipline, accountability and consistency all of my goals can be achieved both on the body building stage and in my personal life  
Without his support, coaching and guidance I could not have become the professional athlete I am today!

TeamGMF athlete, Figure PRO athlete, Ms Australia title holder

Graden is a very professional trainer with a great sense of humour. I’ve been training with him now for about 10 years and he keeps me anchored into my physical fitness and he is also mindful of the mental fitness required to meet goals, so he makes sure all is well in a holistic sense.
Even out of gym, if I have any aches or pains, I’m pushing 60, I phone Graden and he will spend as much time as I need with him until I am satisfied, and confident, on how to proceed.
I know he has helped me achieve and maintain the level of fitness I have at my age. He provides a very personal approach. If you are going to train with someone, train with a world champion, that makes sense doesn’t it. Very professional and dedicated, Graden literally walks the walk. Champion.

TeamGMF longest serving member

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