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teamgmf pt &

BODY Transformation

At TEAMGMF we’ve got your back.

And your arms and your legs and your abs and whatever else you’re working on!

teamgmf training

teamgmf pt &

body transformation

At TEAMGMF we’ve got your back.

And your arms and your legs and your abs and whatever else you’re working on!

PT & body transformation

training at teamgmf

real results – real people!

If you’ve got goals to transform your body physically and mentally, TeamGMF has the experience and friendly family community to help you reach them. Big goals or small, general through to specific, our highly experienced coaches are here to guide and help you. We train in the gym at GMF and also offer our services remotely via online.

Our coaches are the very best in their field with extensive sporting achievements, tertiary education and life experience to back it all up.

When you work with your coach from TeamGMF, your plan is created specifically for you. There are no generic, one-size-fits-all plans here. Instead, your coach will focus on one thing: delivering your results.

Our trainers work one on one with you at GMF in the gym to teach you how to train safely and effectively, so you can then take that knowledge and train comfortably and confidently without always needing a PT training with you.

As you work through your tailor-made program, your personal trainer will constantly track your progress and measure your achievements. This allows you and your trainer to make adjustments as they are needed.

At TeamGMF we don’t just train, we train to GET RESULTS!


pt & body transformation

More than just a gym

More than just a personal trainer

teamGMF nutrition


Ongoing nutritional plans tailored to suit your goals: Weight loss, build muscle, fat loss or competition preparation through body fat assessments & consultations.



Depending on your overall goals, TeamGMF will develop a custom training plan for you: Strength, endurance, cardio vascular and muscle building. We also cater for remote training via video online if accessing the gym is an issue.


support & mindset

Lifestyle mentoring & coaching, daily support from your coach via social media/phone/email and introduction to a supportive & family friendly community of like minded team members that is industry recognised.

teamgmf coach

Graden Leong

teamgmf coach and director


The importance of health and fitness resonated with me from a young child starting out in martial arts at the age of 6years. This then continued through my teenage years winning multiple World martial arts championships before retiring and picking up natural bodybuilding.

Over the past decade I’ve managed to win numerous overall Australian and international natural bodybuilding championships, feature in magazines and local media and most recently taking the title as World Champion for Classic Physique

As a former primary and high school PE teacher my passion for the health and fitness industry has entailed me to share the importance of a supportive fitness community to ensure success for whom is involved.

As an affiliate owner to many natural bodybuilding and martial arts organisations, I have the responsibility with the support of our staff to over-deliver to our clients the results in a full inclusive and community environment. This is a continues growing passion for me that allows for the development TeamGMF community.


teamgmf coach

cherilyn Leong

teamgmf head coach


I have 2 beautiful children – yes I’m insane! But as a parent of tiny humans I know the benefits of staying active are paramount not just for physical strength but also mental health. I like to lead by example and show my kids the positive benefits of exercising in a safe and supportive environment where technique is paramount.

I love the challenge of building my body physically and mentally, being pushed to my limits. It enables me to be a fitter mother and wife. I feel I’m more prompt and assertive in the many obstacles in my daily life which in turn, as TeamGMF head women’s coach, enables me to relate to many busy working mums who are just trying to get it all done.

I’ve obtained a provisional black belt in karate and also love competing in Bikini Modelling.

Last year I reached my highest achievement to date, becoming the NSW state Bikini Momma Champion for 2019, and following the win up with my debut at the World Titles where I placed 3rd. Competing for me is about improving myself and continuing to lead by example. No matter the obstacle, I’m always there to do my absolute best and hopefully I can inspire many more women out there to do the same.

cherilyn leonghead coach

gmf 2.0...

teamgmf has a new home!

It was long awaited but we finally found our new home for GMF2.0 in Leumeah, NSW.

For GMF is was a big move that didn't come easily, as it was the next step to where we want GMF to grow in the future. After 10 years at our original location in Prestons NSW, we knew we wanted to continue helping and giving back to the community and to keep GMF growing and there's no better way to expand than to have our own big space to actually call home.

That's what GMF2.0 means to us, to have TEAMGMF members walk into our home and feel welcomed and part of the TEAMGMF family.

Due to the recent lockdown in NSW, we took a hit, again. We have tried to view it as just one of many hurdles in life that we need to face and get through. We knew we weren't alone, we had overwhelming support from our members and nothing has stopped GMF2.0 to be ready to roll out the red carpet for when our warriors and athletes come back.

GMF2.0 is churcha place of worship for health, fitness, wellness and longevity.

Our concept and design for GMF2.0 was to maintain as much of the brands authentic self by settling in to its industrial hard-core workshop building bodies and minds.

We have sourced new and old school equipment to have only the best for our GMF Warriors. These are the tools to create and shape the lifestyle of long-term commitments to improve your overall health and longevity.
Customed to this is the passion and warmth of our GMF community who step through our doors. They bring the energy into GMF2.0 and know they are working on their best self surrounded by like minded warriors.
It's only time that we have and what we do with it. So GMF2.0 should be on your bucketlist when lockdown is lifted.



Come and talk to Graden or Cherilyn about your goals and get started on working towards a new you!

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