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Martial Arts

For Kids!

The local community here in Leumeah, love TEAMGMF Kids Karate. The best thing about martial arts for children is that its never too late to start!

Give your child a head start in life by enrolling them into TEAMGMF Kids Karate.

teamgmf martial fitness

Martial arts

for kids!

The local community here in Leumeah, love TeamGMF Kids Karate. The best thing about martial arts for children is that its never too late to start!

Give your child a head start in life by enrolling them into TeamGMF Kids Karate.

teamgmf martial arts

a head start

with teamgmf in 2022

If your child is just getting starting with sports or making the switch to Martial Arts from another sport, TeamGMF can help them find their feet and excel in Kids Karate.

Our classes are run at our new premises in Leumeah but can also be run online with their Sensei when required by Public Health Orders.

Our classes are specifically designed for children in order to develop their physical and mental attributes, such as co-ordination, discipline and also improve their overall fitness.


We also focus on understanding the importance of stranger danger and bully proof awareness and helping them identify potential threats they may encounter as they grow and teach them the skills to diffuse situations and lead them to safe outcomes.

Aside from being fun and energetic, our programs are also designed to help prepare children for life challenges they may face in the real world such as school and social situations, by improving their life skills and confidence to be able to deal with these before they have to face them.


TeamGMF Karate Kids are also given the opportunity to display their new found confidence and skills and at club grading and regional tournaments representing TeamGMF.

Give your child a head start in life by enrolling them into TeamGMF Kids Karate.


kids martial arts


classes for kids!

basic karate–kata forms

Students learn the fundamentals of basic karate such as stance work, blocks, punches and kicks. They also learn how to put it all together into a pattern called kata to display the transition and flow from one posture and movement to another, teaching the student proper form and position, and encouraging them to visualise different scenarios for the use of each motion and technique. Fitness and self-defence tactics are also integrated in the lessons.

kids karate–sparring

Sparring is a free fighting form in a controlled environment with enough rules to help minimise injuries. We encourage sparring from an early age as it help builds a student’s character, overall confidence and reason for all their practices in their basic karate class. Sparring also helps build a student’s surrounding awareness in case of multiple attacks which prepares them in any real life situation. Students learn the responsibility of how powerful a strike can be, and learn how to control pain.

2022 classes

kids karate benefits

self confidence


martial fitness


self defence

make new friends

identify potential threats

bully proof awareness

stranger danger


teamgmf sensei

Graden Leong

teamgmf sensei and director

Sensei Graden is a 3rd dan black belt. Graden started in Shotokan Karate from the early age of 6 years, and by the age of 13yrs Graden was a multiple national Karate champion.

From there, Graden continued along his Martial Arts journey by learning Muay Thai Kickboxing and JiuJitsu during his early teenage years.

By the age of 20, Graden was a 4 x World Martial Arts Champion.

Still actively practicing today, Sensei Graden enjoys sharing his knowledge and teaching the younger generation the importance of self discipline, self belief and goal setting.


teamgmf sensei

cherilyn Leong

teamgmf sensei


Cherilyn started Karate in her late 20s and continued to achieve a provisional black belt. Her first approach to martial arts was self development and self inspiration. As a mother of 2, Sensei Cherilyn wanted to build and harness her mental-wellbeing through Martial Arts. 

Cherilyn has learned that it is the power of discipline that is required to overcome any obstacles in life, which is why she enjoys spending most of her time now mentoring the Tiny Tigers Karate class.

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